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How Do I Maintain My Home's Solar Panels?

How Do I Maintain My Home's Solar Panels?

You’ve decided to try your hand at renewable energy by installing solar panels for your home, but how do you keep them running efficiently? Our solar panel experts have compiled the best maintenance methods that will keep your panels working for years to come.

Maintenance of Solar Panels

Luckily, solar panels do not require heavy maintenance to continue functioning. Your solar panels only require professional attention periodically in order to keep producing solar energy effectively.

Like taking your car in for an oil change or getting your teeth cleaned, solar panels do require basic maintenance from time to time. Following recommended guidelines, scheduling professional maintenance, and knowing when your panels need repair can help prevent a future solar panel crisis down the road.

Regular Inspection

It’s easy to catch potential issues before they wreak havoc. Staying ahead of the curve, scheduling regular inspections to ensure your solar panels are operating smoothly can save you from massive headaches and unexpected repair costs in the future.

It is recommended to schedule an inspection with solar panel professionals at least once a year to guarantee your panels are in good condition. Our experts at Smart Solar LLC are highly skilled in solar panel maintenance and repairs, so you can rest assured that your renewable energy investment will be in good hands.

Cleaning 101

If you want your solar panels to continue operating at maximum efficiency, cleaning them regularly is vital. The frequency of cleaning depends on the location of the home. If your home is located near a busy highway or experiences strong winds, more frequent cleaning would be required.

When you’re cleaning your solar panels, it’s important to be aware of the cleaning methods that should be avoided. Cleaning with the wrong type of products or water can do more harm than good. These include:

  • Abrasive cleaning cloths or sponges - can scratch the surface of the panel
  • Cold water - can damage the panel
  • Hard water - leaves a white residue, affecting energy output
  • High-pressure water - can damage joints in the panel’s frame

When you’re ready to clean your panels, simply use lukewarm soapy water with a soft sponge to wipe away dirt and debris. Don’t have the time? Our solar specialists at Smart Solar LLC can tailor one of our helpful maintenance plans to your home’s specific needs, giving you more time to kick back, relax, and reap the benefits of renewable energy.

Know When to Call in Professionals

To keep your panels in pristine condition, it is imperative to know when repairs are needed. If you believe your power production has slowed, consider investigating your solar system. Suppose your utility bills are going up and your solar meter is reading lower than usual. In that case, it may be time to enlist our professionals to take a look and troubleshoot the issue.

Solar panels with broken glass or fluctuating power should be inspected by professionals as soon as possible to protect your solar investment. Solar energy is an excellent option for homeowners looking to cut down on monthly utility bills, but if your panels are not in good working order, it’s unlikely to see any savings.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs in Thousand Oaks & Ventura County

You should be able to rely on your solar panels for years to come, and we’re proud to work alongside you as your premier solar panel maintenance and repair team. Our team at Smart Solar LLC has years of experience with solar panel installation, repairs, and maintenance. We’re inspired by the future of solar energy and utilize the highest technology and skills to ensure every job is completed to perfection. Call us today at (818) 918-3037 for professional maintenance and service.